"God showed me something small, no bigger than a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand… and it was round as a ball. I looked at it with the eye of my understanding and thought: 'What can this be?' And it was generally answered thus: 'It is all that was made.' It was so small I thought it might disappear, but I was answered... everything has being through the love of God." --Julian of Norwich

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall food

Having appreciated the recipes posted by several friends, I want to say Clint and I had a delightful fall meal of stuffed acorn squash tonight. I had never cooked acorn squash before, although I have experimented with butternut and spaghetti squashes before. I also served on the side some very yummy yams because we had some to use up, but that added up to one very squashy meal. I think they would be better with a salad and a slice of whole grain bread. The recipe is from Whole Foods For the Whole Family published by La Leche League.


Squash boats

2 Medium acorn squash
12 oz sausage (Clint did the shopping for me and came home with a kind of Johnsonville brand Italian sausage that is sold in a package like ground beef)
2 c. applesauce
Ground cinnamon to taste

1. Cut the squash into halves lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Place cut side down in baking dish with 1/2 inch water. Bake at 400 for 30 minutes

(The recipe says to cover them, but mine were lovely without that detail. A friend of mine recently attempted stuffed squash for the first time and I think she skipped this step because her recipe was for butternut squash, acorn squash apparently needs the pre-baking in water).

2. Brown sausage in skillet, stirring until crumbly; drain.

3. Spoon applesauce into squash halves. Top with sausage and sprinkle with cinnamon.

4. Bake for 15 minutes longer. ( I would also recommend allowing them to cool for a few minutes before serving, especially the applesauce gets really hot)


I have to say, I was excited about trying a new squash, but a bit skeptical about the applesauce, sausage and cinnamon. I thought it sounded like one of those combinations you either love or hate. But it was fabulous. And overall, so quick and easy to make.

Go to the grocery store and get yourself some NOW. :)

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